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Hello, my name is Dan Schövonii, and I was in The Backrooms.

Before the taking of this unspeakable event, I have heard only little of the Backrooms before: little videos and rumors, I believed them to a reasonable point of interest and skepticism. I think I first dove into it last Sunday on the 5th, but that all changed not too long ago that week.

Woke up one day, ya know; average Tuesday, took a shower, ate breakfast oats, milk, & an orange. I live by myself, so no watching my kid getting on the bus nor kissing the wife goodbye. I got dressed in my usual attire, got in my car, drove to my everyday work place and parked in my usual spot. I remember getting my coffee, keys, flash drive, work papers, etc.

Specific, common details, I know, but I really took advantage of the everyday norm especially what unexpectancy occurred after.

The building is a fairly tall skyscraper, tinted yellow lights shining from the window to match the business color scheme. So I went near the entrance, 2 glass double doors in the front, and there was someone looking like they were in a rush, a young lady carrying stacks of material; pizza box sizes. So I turned the corner sharply, opened the door for her, and let her through.

I walked in after her and slow-jogged straight to the elevator, on the right side of the ground floor on the far corner. Now, this elevator was under construction that day, so I had to either take the stairs or the other set of elevators on the far left corner of the ground floor. Being a picky bastard, not feeling like walking a fair distance to the other side of the building, I just decided to take the stairs next to me.

Of course, the grey stone stairway was empty. I walked down to about the 2nd or 3rd step until I took a weird slip, misstepped. I sprung forward off the last steps until I hit the corner of the wall. Right after I gathered my balance, when my right foot took a step forward, my back foot sank. I fell backwards, and instead of my upper body & back hitting the wall, I flew through.

I was too…in shock I guess, to describe all I saw when I fell through. The only thing I remembered was the insides of the elevator shafts, very black slates of emptiness and chips of the underground.

You already know the basics of what I went through, almost just as identical as the tales go; The piss yellow walls, the buzzing fluorescent lights, and the endless void of hallways. Seeing that shit for hours & hours until the rooms slowly start to change form and the setting gradually becomes different yet continuous in…patterns, I guess is the right word for it?

In these rooms I felt no hunger, no thirst, no fatigue; it was weird. Tranquility in the body, yet obvious chaos and disturbance in the mind. It felt like I’ve spent days in this place, slowly losing my sanity.

There were only a handful of bystanders who were either illiterate, mind broken hobos or dead corpses of skeletons. The only “beast” I’ve ever encountered were these weird ass white, walking, dog-looking creatures. They looked like, excuse me, failed reproductions of that one pale girl that comes from your TV.

Luckily, encountering bears and such, exploring my hometown’s winter terrain, I scared them off a little by intimidation. Those were the only serious encounters I really had.

Anyways, I found rooms that looked similar to your everyday home decor, some that looked like empty restaurants, stores, malls, appliances, workplaces; so much familiarity in a place I’ve never been in.

But, getting into my personal experience, I got to this, like, worn down basement type place… like it was under construction and was abandoned, like a worn down school.

I think this was Level 1552, not that I was fucking keeping track of all the bloody rooms I’ve been through, the number was just plastered in conspicuous locations that stood out.

Unlike other places, or maybe my intellect finally woke up, there were a decent amount of props, so I took the advantage of collecting anything that can fit into my pockets. Just in case that, if I ever do make it out, I have a story to tell.

Here, I also found rooms full of words, numbers, and other things written in graffiti, pen, or marker. I assume that people who glitched here try to write a warning when they coincidentally had it on them.

I couldn’t remember what all the writings were, but the ones stuck to my mind were the following:

  • Level 922…etc.
  • “Manila?” “Manilla?”
  • “The end is fake”
  • Huge drawings of smiling faces and blank ones
  • Violent red smudges & unrecognizable shapes
  • Drawing of black figures, mostly kids
  • Balloons
  • Watch out warnings for different levels
  • CD disks & cassette tapes with the #4
  • A bunch of help me’s & endless tally marks
  • A handful of religious quotes & scriptures
  • Monster looking beings
  • An entire suicide message left by one unfortunate visitor, this one covered up on me of the entire left walls of a small bedroom

And these are the items I collected before & after I left that level:

  • A chip off the 1552 wall, just to prove I was there
  • Leftover hair from what I assume is to be from one of the “ beasts” I’ve encountered. I guarantee you, scan the DNA of that shit, and you won’t find ANYTHING human or Earthly, I bet you.
  • A broken, red crayon
  • Tiny chips of bones from deceased skeletons; to avenge and identify the lost
  • A CD with the #4 on it; weird enough, not only was this not on a level with a “4” in it, there were literally a desk full of this same exact disk duplicated.
  • An empty medicine bottle
  • A fragment of layers of either newspaper or an old chapter book
  • A basketball card featuring Jeffery Jones II
  • A badge that has a huge green X, also saying Intelligence Unit around it
  • A folded picture of a black, fogged being. Enhance that shit as well.

Which made me theorize at that moment: “Do workers like me only get here? Was I dreaming? Overworked, tired, losing it?

What type of people do get here? Is this the afterlife? Did I actually die falling off the stairs?”

There were times where I tried to forcefully bump into walls and try to glitch back, but how I really left was very different that others claim to be, which would have left me dead in that void, if I fixated on that one solution.

I thought to myself, if I’ve fallen down here, why not try going back up. My mind instantly clicked back to the few elevators I skipped by on other levels. I retraced myself a lot until I found one in this blue-tinted room. I took the elevator up and all I could remember doing was jumping up and up until I clipped out.

I had second thoughts about doubting that it’ll work or either I’ll just fall down deeper if I go through the elevator roof. I tried squatting, skipping, and even tripping on purpose to repeat my actions that got me here.

The elevator reached a top floor, which I did not want to participate in. It was like a cool little game room. And that is when the idea hit me. If life here is like a game you can clip through, then treat it like a game.

Cheat codes!

I sporadically examined the elevator buttons; they didn’t have what I wanted, so I had to backtrack around 3 more elevators to the earliest room, and still not the right set of dials. I had to trust my gut and keep finding one, and low and behold, Level 2120, will never forget that number.

Looking at the elevator buttons were majorly just letter constants & numbers. I decided to go to the top floor first then the key letters. I saw the letter “H” & “M”, and realizing they’re no verbs, I scanned and saw “0” & “3” to spell out…you guessed it.

…and I was back in the staircase of my office building.

I assume people have been here before and experienced different things, which is why I was summoned in those office/school facility maze. Maybe the liminal space has to do with something with the mind. Like a dream, it’s personalized and suits somewhat of your fears. So maybe, the Backrooms are personalized?

It was scary none-the-less.




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