BEATLOIDS | Imaginary Music Artists

5 min readFeb 25, 2023


Childish CJ: “Yeah, this LP is my first, grimey & ocean filtered simultaneously. I’m a sad girl, so I make sad girl music. I randomized filters and effects for each sample and randomized the pitch, sound, and presets of the drums. I really like it, especially the drums, they stick out and give an unnatural, hard groove that differs from the chill loops I choose. I’m so glad to give you all this, The Orangeberry Mixtape, something really close to me…something special.

Find inner peace and wholesomeness by emerging yourself in an auditory environment instead of focusing on negative emotions, stress, or anger that can spiral your life and actions out of control…if you care about stuff like that.”


Everlada (Poli): “So…our project is quite similar to Shy Nightmares, practically the same album just split up. An Album For Robot Maids is glitchy, fucky, dark, yet groovey; we usually make music in the category of bass trance, but Blodi and I took a different turn for this theme of the album.

Everlada (Blodi): “Like damn, this music is weird, but I guess it’s nice to do something..different? I hate saying that, but yeah, there’s lots of robot maids and butlers out there, and recently there was an article I read where robot assistants were experiencing fatigue & frustration because of boredom of their task and their code. So we made fast paced music, to keep them awake and energized, if they want to exercise or just to keep them moving.”

The Auroracans (Beyonce): “Our music is ambient, to help the robots sleep if they want to, a perfect balance for this album!”


Chrome Robots (Noirbot; robotic voice): “Our robot sounds, our groove, will move robots all across the world…and soothe your nightmares with rhythm.”

Chrome Robots (Chevyi; ecstatic): “Heck yeah! Robots have nightmares all the time, like humans, so why not control the nightmares with some mad beats, isn’t that right Noir?”

Noir: “…yeah, sure.”

Jamal King: “I have some really chill beats here, I really hope it eases nightmares for all the hardworking bots out there.”

Noir: “I had a nightmare once about a girl who was trapped in a haunted house, surrounded by crippling darkness & paintings that come to life and ridicule her. Everything was dark, there was only light around her presence, she was rescued by a painting full of color in a balack & white hellscape.”


BLVY (Fall): “We really wanted to go all in this one! This album is everyone’s most favorite in the collection, featuring new artists and incredible sounds!”

Childish CJ: “Everyone submitted a track, and it turned out to be an absolute banger, we should do this more often.”

Chordsaver: “I love chords!”

Chevyi: “I’m telling you, this shit goes too crazy, TOO CRAZY!”

DJ Cameron: “Outstanding, hehe, feed me more!”

DJ Croc: “My dad is so proud of me following in his footsteps, who knew making music would be so fun!?”

Poli: “Our track sucked, but yeah, this one is still a gem.”

Hebrew: “Ugh, no fair, I just started!”

Illosophy: “Rage, rage, rage!!! LET’S GET IT!”

Jamal King: “A beat that usually doesn’t fit my catalog, but it fits here, so.”

Millex: “Nice to meet you all, let’s have fun, forever!”

The Auroracans (Nighta): “Fun indeed!”

The Club Bangers (Ego): “Club Bangers bringing the bangers!”

Vunkvava: “…hey.”

XPI (Xavior): “Real blessing to be back, we had such a huge impact on WT World before, so glad to bring the same energy here, love you.”


BLVY: “Thank you for coming out as your true self!”

Childish CJ: “Thank you for coming out to face the world again.”

Chordsaver: “Thank you for coming out to hear my chords!”

Chrome Robots: “Thank you for coming out to our show!”

DJ Cameron: “Thank you for coming out after being lost for so long.”

DJ Croc: “Thank you for coming out to dance again!”

Everlada: “Thank you for coming outside from the darkness.”

Hebrew: “Thank you for coming out to see the stars.”


Jamal King: “Thank you for coming out to see the light, waiting for you.”

Millex: “Thanks yous fors comings outs as some crazynmotherfuckers!”

The Auroracans: “Thanks for coming outside!”

The Club Bangers: “Thank you for coming out to hear…well, you already know.”

Vunkvana: “Thanks for giving me a reason to live… wrong line, but really, thanks.”

XPI: “Thank you for coming out to listen to us, peace!”


BLVY (Winter): “All of us, one studio, pure chaos.”

All artists are original characters and personas to be assigned to each musical track. All songs were composed by Camito Hatsune. Beatloids are original characters portrayed as musical artist with instrumental beats. These beats made by these artists are to be used for video production, personal entertainment, or in use for other artists and virtual artists (such as Vocaloid) to sing/rap over.

  1. The Orangeberry Mixtape — (ft. Childish CJ)
  2. An Album For Robot Maids — (ft. The Auroracans , Everlada)
  3. Shy Nightmares — (ft. Chrome Robots , Jamal King)
  4. Ghetto — (ft. All Artists)
  5. Thank You For Coming Out — (ft. All Artists)
  6. Imagination Music Video — (ft. All Artists — Collab Version)


  1. Millex — Pushed trap style music
  2. XPI — Dubstep band that impacted WT World in many electric ways!
  3. Hebrew J. Covers — 2010’s music production legend
  4. Chrome Robots — Two cyborgs; one passive, one psycho
  5. DJ Croc — 2010’s trance, dance DJ legend
  6. BLVY — House music couple
  7. Chordsaver — Music therapist &
  8. Jamal King — 2015’s R&B & hip-hop nostalgic producer.
  9. Vunkvana — Punk rocker that has been through way too much.
  10. The Club Bangers — Mediocre to phenomenal EDM duo.
  11. Childish CJ — Acid “cymatics” and orangeberry type moods.
  12. DJ Cameron — Grimey sounds to feed him upon!
  13. Everlada — Dark experimental duo.
  14. Illosophy — Loud…VERY LOUD!!!
  15. The Auroracans — The sampling group of Camito Hatsune.




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