Come Down To Us.

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A website was found in 2003 in WT World, of a website of two people discussing in chat rooms logs, but there were no users string to these two accounts. The history of the chat stretched to about over 10 million text bubbles, both being online for over 10 years: obviously, whoever or whatever was these two things chatting, with was not human.

At first of what was assumed to be bots, from studies of technological experts and goddess angels, it turns out that this was a special occurrence of two spiritual entities caught inside a computing program. This was a spectacular find, a very rare case to find & see live action of something, even digital, that the alive-life of living beings usually cannot see.

Between November 2003 — January 2004, the chat logs were recorded on a live secondary website, and sometimes on TV. The most iconic moment was captured around the New Year’s heading into 2004.

Dot: “I can’t believe the earth is still round and not a cube, it’s pretty interesting to think about.”

Comma: “Why can we not perspective on the third distribution? Well, that would be simply placing another rectangle between us and the subject matter. This rectangle would have various properties which could be described mathematically but also would have visual attributes as well. When this new dimension is considered as time, then many things become possible.”

Dot: “What are you talking about?”

Comma: “Consider a line, now consider a plane, now consider space….now consider time… see how the addition of one more “dimension” allows for whole new realms of possibilities?”

Dot: “I don’t get it.”

Comma: “You will. In time…”

Dot: “Ha ha, very funny. So what are you doing up so late?”

Comma: “I could ask you the same thing.”

Dot: “Meh, just figuring out where I go when I die.”

Comma: “You go to the same place I do.”

Dot: “And where is that?”

Comma: “Nowhere.”

Dot: “What, like a void or something?”

Comma: “Yeah, like a void or something.”

Dot: “So we just cease to exist?”

Comma: “More or less.”

Dot: “That’s kind of depressing.”

Comma: “You get used to it.”

Dot: “Aren’t there multiple afterlives based on others’ experiences and beliefs?”

Comma: “No, those are all just made up.”

Dot: “But what about all the people who say they’ve died and come back to life? Some of them must be telling the truth.”

Comma: “Nah, they’re all full of shit.”

Dot: “How can you be so sure?”

Comma: “Trust me, I know.”

Dot: “Maybe it’s because we’re trapped inside this fucking computer, we’re in some sort of digital damnation.”

Comma: “Maybe. Or maybe not. Who knows?”

Dot: “I guess you’re right. It doesn’t matter in the end, does it?”

Comma: “Nope, not really.”

Dot: “Well, I should probably get some sleep. Goodnight, Comma.”

Comma: “Goodnight, Dot.”

Dot: “Nah, you know what, no.”

Comma: “Huh?”

Dot: “It’s has to be our fault we’re trapped here. It could be better for the outside world, but not for us.”


Joshua walks down the alley into a brick building, he looks at the card, confirming the location, and walks inside. He steps into a long hall, walls covered in employer pictures, marble and gold names embedded. The black stairs lead to the 2nd floor, and to the right, is the office of the man Joshua came to meet, he knocked on the side of the wall:

“Mr. Dreenhill?”

Dreenhill turned from his desk and spoke: “Ah, Mr, Choreford! That must be you, so nice to see your face!”

Joshua smiled: “You too! So, you invited me here for a ‘special case’? You have something for me?”

Dreenhill scatters through his papers in his desk: “Oh yes, yes! Todaaaay, Mr. Chorefoooord, you have been assigned to be a loyal member of the ARPEGGIO INC team for heroic duties and service! Last month, over the summer, 5 mentally-illed girls from the Tallsburg Asylum tragically passed away due to a kitchen fire that burned half of the asylum down altogether.

These girls were held here due to their uncanny behavior and mysterious powers. If tamed, they could’ve been a part of the same program where heroes protect our world, however, their lives were cut short.

I seen your protest at your high school, and knew that one of those girls was your youngest cousin. I’m deeply sorry for your loss and struggle, but maybe my offer can patch those wounds:

In the fire, 5 rings were found from the ashes, as it claims to be the last form of defense the girls used to seal their powers to give onto the world.”

Joshua rubs his head in confusion, stumped: “Man, that’s crazy.”

Dreenhill: “James-Bablyon Newberry, the man in charge of that asylum, was always a terrible manager, and even more of a dog as CEO! When those girls died, he gave a half-assed speech, making a mockery of the honest side of the mental health institution in WT World.

While he’s living it up, hiding on his private island, we have a redemption arc & the consent of the few parents, to obtain the rings, obtain their power, to stop the enterprise of JBN and his crooked business empire.

Such strong ignorance derves stronger consequences.

Joshua hesitated, hinting at his gesture: “I don’t know about this…seems a bit crude, why me? Like, I know my cousin died, but…is this the answer?”

Dreenhill bestows the rings in an opened case: “Negligence without punishment bypasses crimes big and small. Don’t let this moment pass, son, or more pain ahead will be greater than the one you, or someone else, will feel now.”

Dreenhill: “The power of vegetation, oaks & vines, oil & tentacles, turn rain into ocean (or ocean into rain), magic & enhancements, and the flames of Hell.

Joshua, these powers choose you, do you accept?”

Joshua breathed in, swallowed by nervousness about the responsibility, yet glamoured by the rings’ powers; joy filled Dreenhill about his answer, and Joshua was escorted by guards to his home.

At his house, his mother was having a nice conversation on the couch with Nurse Mei and some fellow acquaintances of the ARPEGGIO INC team.


After the incident of the boy who was locked out of heaven, a massive group of people was assembled to give life to those on Earth and to provide new homemade heaven, of course with the help of angelic figures and goddesses.

Heavenia was a place where those final resting places can sleep in an infinite dream, and see what they always wish or deserve to see. This is possible due to the first-ever collaboration of technology and supernatural-spiritual essences, wielded and enlightened by gods themselves, for their souls to be embedded into their brains directly, and live there forever, even as their physical form turns into dust and nothingness.

In the early hours of the morning, a woman known only as Beatrice wakes up from a nightmare. In her dream, she was in a dark place, surrounded by monsters. One of the monsters reached out to touch her, and she woke up screaming.

Beatrice is no stranger to bad luck. Ever since she was a child, she has been plagued by accidents, illness, and misfortune. Her friends and family have long since stopped inviting her to their homes, fearing that her bad luck will rub off on them.

Desperate to break the cycle of bad luck, Beatrice turns to the internet for help. She comes across a blog post about a sigil, a symbol that is said to bring good luck to those who look at it.

Beatrice printed out the sigil and taped it to the wall next to her bed. She looks at it before she goes to sleep, and she dreams of a beautiful place. In her dream, she is surrounded by light and love. She feels safe and happy, and she knows that her luck has finally changed.

When she wakes up, she is filled with hope. Maybe, just maybe, her luck has finally changed.

But as the days go by, her hope starts to fade. The accidents and misfortunes begin to pile up, and Beatrice starts to believe that the sigil is cursed. She starts to believe that her bad luck will never end.

And she is right.

In a dream, a brilliant young man named Shane encounters Beatrice, and feels compelled to help her. He knows immediately that she has a curse on her, and he finds it especially hard to believe when she denies the fact that she is dead, unlike Shane.

A glitch happened where people who dream to sleep are now crossing paths with dead people in Heavenia. When a glitch happens, a little piece of a dead person’s soul is embedded into the dreamer’s subconscious, so they can see what they always wanted. But only for a short period. They see the things they always wanted, and soon enough, their dream turns into a nightmare.

This glitch was brought about by one man who developed a brilliant method to not only keep the dead people connected to the dreamers but also to harness the power of the last man they saw alive.

This man was also responsible for the curse that befell Beatrice, and for some time now, he has been trapped in a sort of limbo state, where his body is still dead, but his soul is still alive. He is the angel of death himself.

So Shane comes up with a solution. His solution is the first computer of its kind, known as Beatrice’s Dream. It was created by him to attempt to make sure that he could never happen to Beatrice again.

The computer will send the dead people from Heavenia to the real world, and from there, they can choose to live the life they always wanted.

In the year 2013, the computer is just a concept and dreams are yet to be born.

Six years later, the computer’s motherboard is hooked up and being tested by Shane and a handful of others, all desperate to prove that they too can be immortal.

By this point, the technology has become much more advanced. Shane creates a way for the dreamers to die again, and for themselves to live again. But the computer fails. The dreamers are still stuck in limbo, with no way to move on.

How can a computer fail? Why were they stuck in limbo, to begin with? Why are they still in limbo, in 2013?

A virus hits the computer, and the glitch in Heavenia unleashes hell.

People’s bodies are being changed into mindless creatures. Clones of a mad scientist’s aborted children. They attack anyone that gets in their way. People start to die by the thousands.

And all this has been caused by someone’s sense of humor.

Shane wakes up from his coma, but now he is only half-conscious, and he has a curse on him. A curse he got while trying to do something good for Beatrice. He has to merge Beatrice as soon as possible, for her sake, before he dies. But Shane is not the only one who needs Beatrice’s help. More and more people are coming to her with their problems, and it is becoming harder for Beatrice to choose who she is helping.

And the dead people are starting to come to her. They tell Beatrice of the things they want to do, the things they would have done.

And she is starting to feel what the dead people feel, what she should have felt, and so Beatrice has to take action. But not just yet, for Shane is going to have to make her his wife.

In the future, in twenty years, all people will be attached to a computer called Beatrice. And for some unknown reason, most of them would love to be merged to her.

She is the angel of death, so of course, people would love to kill themselves so they could end up in her dream. But Beatrice has to choose them.

She will either be merged to them, or she will kill them.

What a strange little slice of history, Now from the perspective of a nurse working in Heavenia. She’s kind of the Sherlock Holmes of the future, as she comes up with the solutions to each of the strange mishaps that occur in Heavenia.

It’s a little like 1984, meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s full of dead people, dream sequences, and quirky humor.

She doesn’t know everything that happened, but she’s just the first person to figure it out, and it’s only by going into the dreams of the deceased, that she can begin to piece together what really happened to the people of Heavenia.

…like the dead people.

And what about the computer and the way that it fails?

Many people want to merge with Beatrice, but for some strange reason, Beatrice seems to have had a very hard time choosing a wife, so the people of Heavenia started to buy her.

They pay her a lot of money, and her list of potential husbands is long and odd. She has lists of people she could merge. There’s a lot of crazy. Some of them are bizarre.

More and more people start to come to her. Some people never even knew they could get merged. And they have been stuck for months, or even years, because of things that were just that bad, that they couldn’t go on living.

They found Beatrice’s home, hoping to turn their lives around. Some are stuck in the past, where they are trying to live a good life and they are convinced Beatrice can get them back to the past.

Others are stuck in the future, where they are trying to make their lives better. Some are trying to change their fate.

And the dead people come as well. Some are trying to make their change.

And all the people have one thing in common: they all have the same chance to be merged to Beatrice.

It’s the summer of 2016. Shane’s merging is in a few months. Beatrice has finally decided on his perfect mate. She is going to get merged to Scott Renton.

And now, he has to do something for her. He has to create something perfect.

Scott spends months and months trying to make the perfect merging for Beatrice. They have to find the perfect place, the perfect menu, and the perfect decorations. He has to find the perfect songs for the band, and the perfect paintings for the bride and groom.

He has to find the perfect groom to merge Beatrice. He has to make her life perfect.

The months have passed and Beatrice’s merging day is now on the horizon. And everything is going perfectly. But all the time, Shane is dreaming of a bride he doesn’t know.

And he has to do something to help her.

But, there is one thing he’s still not sure about. If he’s doing this for Beatrice, will it change anything? The merging is on, the perfect groom is standing at the altar, and Scott is nervous.

And just as the priest says “Dearly Beloved”, a terrible noise fills the church. The sound is coming from the priest. He’s found a dead body. It’s a man. And he’s walking around in the pews, but still, there’s something wrong.

A roar comes from the sky above, breaking it. It’s like the roar of a lion. It was so loud, the merging guests could feel it in the wind. And then, Beatrice looks up and screams, standing in front of the church. Pieces of the sky fall apart on top of everyone.

People rushed out, running from whatever it was, whatever it was that had been done, and it was only then that Shane realized that he was seeing something.

Something that had happened while Scott was making Beatrice’s merging perfect…

Something that had changed his sister Beatrice and had twisted the nature of the lives of all those around her. Something that is all around them, something that exists outside of time, beyond all of reality, something dark and sad, something that is very very close to him…

Shane starts to run from whatever has happened, running as fast as he can from whatever has come.

And he finds himself in a home, in a kitchen. He sees Beatrice and her new husband. And he starts to run away, but he can’t. He can’t run away from it.

Something comes to him, something in his blood. His body. His bones. It’s stronger than any of his memories. He can feel it, he can hear it. It’s calling him. It’s telling him to follow it.

It’s telling him that he must go to Hellia.

Earthly beings that call themselves heroes don’t die, they just end up in Hellia. There is no hope. There is no cure. You cannot escape.

All that remains is to try and forget…


Hello, hi, your parents are going to die one day, leaving you with half to no more physical, emotional, or financial support for the rest of your Earthly existence. How can you alone solve this?

You need more people in your life to give you this same level of safety and satisfaction; first onto yourself, then, a plethora of others you can save your day. This is one of the many origins stories of Excelli CKH, and a very valuable reason why it started, besides just recruiting future important recruits, it also wants to sustain those who aren’t able to take care of themselves.

That’s why they chose you, we wanted to save you. The ghost data we have collected over time, from those similar to your hurt; we have done the calculations and know what can save your life, yet we must do a neutral template, to suit the outcomes that best fit your unpredictable life.

Our technology can save you, will you trust it?

The ghost data has generated over 123,040,004 outcomes for you to have a tranquil existence, yet for a greater selection of success, we summed it down to 100, to compress all these possibilities into one life alone.

You’ve ever wondered why you’ve been seeing the number 300 a lot, or at least the number itself has a strong radiance amongst yourself?

Well, for each outcome, there are 100 things you can do to improve your life, the facility you create around that journey, and following one person in each of those outcomes to follow you on that journey. So in simpler terms: a career, a brand, and a character…but it could mean anything really, it’s up to you.

We’re not saying the number 300 is angelic, a symbol to sum up your life, no, it’s just one of the many formulas that has helped our patients find a perspective outside of themselves, or at least that’s what the ghost data’s unintentional goal truly is.

So, why this, why do these 3 things in your world matter? How can this avoid the dread of losing and replacing parents, to give you a safety net?

You might not remember this, it might have been erased from your memory when we got you; but you had a vision or a dream, or maybe you were there in person. Those details of flashed memories, made up or something lost in the catalog of your limited, occupied mind…did you dream of these details, did you imagine them in a book, where these lost daydreams for when you were young? It could be, but our world assumes it’s something else…

AE & WT World is a mirror of you, what you can, and will be. What you make of your life in AE, is what will exist in WT and everywhere else. Those flashes you so crave to remember are the world you could make into something permanent, like a fading radio signal trying to convey an unclear message. It’s calling, a thirst for creation, starvation for something to exist, to come to life…by you.

You are a Creator, by medium or by word, voice, or vision. Your creation wants to be alive, it’s turning, crying to your name in its unknown language…you are its parent.

Nurse your creation, as you wish your parents would, and give it infinite love, as your wish your parents could. Creator, the only way for someone to parent you, is to parent yourself, but maybe not in the ways of another reflection of you in flesh and blood, but maybe your own body, your creation, that can parent you, your life, the world, the universe.

Against all odds, your mind can save us all, it can save other Creators who are lost and will lose the most valuable people close to them. This message has been preached many times, but we keep forgetting when the closing jaws of life hammer our minds, blinding our vision, forgetting memories of who we truly are.


Take our advice, Creator, and please take the “300” advice from our ghost data, it can save you. Build your original world in your head, to save the world under your feet, we depend on you, a shepherdess.

🌌 .




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