Content Creator’s Morals & Ethics Contract

Content Creator’s Morals & Ethics Contract

“I agree that…

  • I will use my character(s) and persona(s) online for informational/entertainment purposes. I will not use my IRL personality or life to interfere with fans lives or self.
  • I am not (a) racist, sexist, abelist, religiophobic, homophobic, transphobic, zenophobic, pedophile, necrophile, zoophile, or any other forms of discriminatory / abusive behaviors or belifs against a specific group of innocent and peaceful people who improve society.
  • I will use my fame and popularity as an opportunity for more occupation and movements, and not a form of abusive power and spreading paranoia and negativity.
  • I will oblige by companies and platforms TOS and reasonable rules on their platforms. If there is a problem with the company/platform, I will personally email them, if they have not responded or ignore the situation, I will publicly denounce the situation.
  • I will be respectful, responsible, and reliable on camera, behind the scenes, and off camera; by being a decent human being, that will obviously make mistakes and improvements, yet will not raise controversy or allegations.
  • I will take responsibility for any problems in my circle or on the platform that will affect my work place and in my community. If the problem is related to a crime or allegations, the problems will be addressed publicly and handled off camera.
  • I will not abuse my staff, the company’s/platform’s fans, other communities and other content creators and their communities.

And if any other scenario that interferes or crosses over with these rules above, there will be obvious, ethical, and reasonable solutions for the current scenario. Content creators AND staff members in companies/platforms must oblige by all rules above.”

(Companies and independent creators/business, please make this a new form for all employees to sign!)




Excelli is a marketing strategy and a public project to promote small businesses.

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Excelli is a marketing strategy and a public project to promote small businesses.

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