GREENYEAH 2.0 | Environmental Restoration

5 min readOct 8, 2022


Nidus EXT is a business concept strategy for the organization and development of technology in the future to assist in arts & creativity, human society, and the reuse of old technology into something new.

Hello, this is Ellie Buxtcher, aka EXT Chopper, the original character mascot for this brand; my nickname comes from an old gamer tag I used from long back. And no, that is not a typo, my last name is pronounced and spelled Buxtcher (Bucks·cher).

My job is to provide links from communities supporting eco-friendly solutions to the environment, depress the growth of global warming and waste littering, & spread awareness and reliable sources to gain ideas and awareness to other public business and legislature to enable these benefits. The importance of keeping the Earth healthy has always been important, not just now, and we must normalize this mentality forever on.

So to all people, government & cooperations…get your act together, or at least that’s the PG way I can say it.


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To build a society from our online presence, the benefits of technological power, the same that gives us information, connections, & entertainment, can give us a more clean life beneath our feet, given in the right hands. A vision where people all around the world can create systems of networks, the same use for mining and farming digital currency, can boost outside help to donate to eco charities, or even create a different digital currency that won’t harm the environment and increase it instead, but that’s going to take a lot more research.

A vision where an office space can be turned into home, as your online activity and occurrence benefits the world and increases value in your time. A Tab For A Cause & OpenTabs are add-on applications that each tab you load on your desktop or laptop, it gives a heart, which is translated to a dollar or less to any charity of your choosing. These ideas are one step closer to this concept.

Greenyeah is a unity of articles, websites, and other businesses joined under one ideal cologment sharing ideas for environmental restoration, recycling material to new, continuous uses.

What are NASCAR racing suits made of? Nomex material

  • The suit is made out of either Proban or the same Nomex material that lines the inside of the driver’s helmet.
  • As mentioned before, Nomex is a fire-retardant material that protects the driver and crew if there is a flash fire in the pits or a fire resulting from a crash.

How to make this out of recycled material?

  • 50% Recycle material, 50% Nomex
  • 100% Recycled clothes; however, these suits will be tested to be used or apply to safety precautions for racing suits or firefighter jacket gear, or maybe just used for fashion.




Excelli is a marketing strategy and a public project to promote small businesses.