HOLY EMO RECORDS | Electronic Emo Music (2022)

2 min readOct 27, 2022


“Holy Emo Records” are a group of original characters in an emo band that create electronic music under an emo persona. All albums are tracks provided are royalty-free and can be used for remixes, video, and fan content.

Curtis Twins — A Little Story

His sound is recognizable, he is a cult-like leader to his hometown, his music is like an anthem to the soul of outcasts here.

Curtis Twins is one of most unique, recognized, and mysterious figures in the WT World / Excelli music scene. Working under the Holy Emo Music label, Curtis defines musical boundaries: collection hip hop and ambient samples to make abstract, experimental pieces.

Not only is his music tactics a mystery, he is a mystery himself:

  • Despite the name, he is only one person.
  • He makes ambient music under the “alternative emo” genre
  • He hires clones like him to walk in groups to random places to promote his new album
  • He collects and paints rocks and pebbles to shades of red and black
  • He sits on the ground, despite being chairs near round

In World AE, outsiders say he is a living combination of Curtiss King + Aphex Twin. His lifestyle and persona is basic and odd, but many people copy his influence. Especially with his music, it is safe to say that Curtis Twins is definitely more than meets the eye.




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