KIDLORD — The Experimental Masterpiece

4 min readFeb 25, 2023

It all started with some leftover samples I had, including dull & basic samples from WA Productions.

I was pretty bummed out from making structured music, plus I was on an Ableton trial to test out some new sound design effects, so I wanted to have an excuse for making something weird.” — Camito Hatsune, 2021

Inspired by the industrial, ambient sounds of Aphex Twins & intimidating the IDM scene with familiar flair such as Burial, Skrillex, Four Yet, and many others, Camito Hatsune has yet another persona to share an immaculate story of robot individuality & self-journey.

This character, Kidlord V7, resembles the same inspiration from K?D, from her cybernetic body to the glowing eyes. The concept of KIDLORD and it’s story is inspired by Aphex Twin’s AFX — “Analord”, a separate IDM ambient collection under his own name.

KIDLORD’s discography is spiritual, religious music to cyborgs and robots.

In the beginning, the planet Jokiem was washed, filled with devastation of a lackluster purpose of existence, resorting to temporary burdens to risk their entire digital spiritual pathways to destruction.

The cyborgs needed a new savior, a new purpose for a life beyond human, beyond themselves even. To create is out of the question, but creation, for creating yourself is a task many fail to do; succumbing to their own ego, being noosed on the fantasy world dying in the real one.

Who can achieve such a goal without their selfish desires or empty void corrupting their plans for eternal physical, digital, mental, & spiritual peace? Can their savior guide them?

Kidlord V7, spawned from evaporated fragments and technological waste, revives the ambient tone of musical elements to the new culture; she could save them with words, but a simple tone that speaks a million languages even cannot be taken out of context or manipulate one’s flammable emotions.

Her time on Jokiem make many write the gospel of this new entirety, and once she left on that day, a brief interlude, she left a new place ready in salvation. With all their souls guided, plus a dash of a new discography, the story is written without words.”

It made me feel off the wall; this study, this life. It’s more than a religion, it moves our mechanical parts.

My teacher was giving the annual lesson about this album she does with all of her students every year. She said this music speaks for us; not about anger, it’s not about the clothes you wear, the meaning is different for everyone to find their own purpose.’

My parents say different, outcast pastors say different. These same ignorant bots who also think that Everywhere At The End of Time is about love.

I’ve seen them beat our own kind in the streets; by the colors of their tin and the software they installed, by the worth of their hardware and the upcoming of their manufacturing. Kidlord is angry, yes, but not at the peaceful ones. The ones who spread her message just to grain fear into young ones, holding strict bars against mistakes & individual discovery.

Adults are afraid of failure, afraid of the unknown and mysterious; so they tie that fear to their children with or without religion. We need to remind ourselves that we are not like humans. We are something more than flesh or code; we are bodies and immortal spirits, we are unlocked and unchained, we can update with the click of a switch.

We can change without the past, the prejudice, or the paranoia tying us back.

Religion isn’t fear, restrictions, or anger: it is love, faith, passion, flexible, and purposeful; neutral and fluent, like…music.

  • Gavin (Young boy; June 21st, 2117)

You know that place on the forest road, by the left behind the power house? Yeah, we go there every Sunday, meet us there.”

Church was canceled, so they took matters into their own hands to make their own ceremony worship. Today was a good Sunday, the sun rays shine so healthy on the green trees. In the midst of the forest, the robots set up gear for the greatest personal live performance of their everyday lives.

  • “This is nice, isn’t it?”
  • “Think more will come?”
  • “Send invites!”
  • “More LEDs, more bass, more noise!”
  • “Ever heard of a guy named Jesus?”
  • “Yeah, Kidlord would be proud, too.”
  • “Just came for jams, hope you don’t mind!”
  • “All is welcome, all bodies are welcome for the experience.”
  • “What does this song mean to you?”
  • “Anything good.”
  • “I feel so warm, so alive.”
  • “I never thought I would get this excited about existing.”
  • “My motherboard is break dancing!”
  • “So fluent, isn’t it?”
  • “I can just dance, just be, and it’s actually a good thing!”
  • “Don’t judge the groove!”
  • “I’m breathing…”
  • “I’m so alive.”
  • “We are real, no need for lies.”
  • “This is my comfort zone, my theory.”
  • “I’m letting all my emotions show!”
  • “After this, I can just relax and enjoy the day”
  • “This will be in my nostalgia catalog.”
  • “I love all of you, all of this!”
  • “I love life, and I’m too alive to worry about death.”
  • “Death is okay, I’d die with this boogie!”


V1 — “Genesis Idiantly”:

V2 — “AFXHundined”:

V3 — “Bilblocíga CX7”:

V4 — “Laritione 88”:

V5 — “The Chosen Ones”:

V6 — “Beachlomian Audacities”:

V7 — “Bilblocíga MMCX7“:

Image Credit:

Inspired By:

  • The Bible
  • AFX — “Analord”
  • K?D




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