LoL/Wild Rift Idea Pitches #2

4 min readFeb 10



More targeting options for mobile play

  • Champion Only: Automatic target champions with passive ONLY, instead of minions or turrets, unless either target buttons are pressed.
  • Distance Option: When champions are close to you, it will automatically prioritize the champions over minions or towers


Instead of constant back-and-forth of buffing/nerfing champions, make an item that counters the champion’s weaknesses, especially based upon the roles they play.


  • Miss Fortune’s Backside: +40 AM, +20 MR, +20 AH, +10 MS
  • Braum’s Fluff Brawl: +1 AM, MR, AS — Increases by one based upon max movement speed, gain +1 Crit every minute.
  • Yi can just stick with Wit’s End maybe, lol.
  • Camille’s Tech Heart: +40 AD, +40 AM — Temporary stun + shield when doing ult and/or every 45 seconds.
  • Olaf’s Ax Runes: +40 AP, +30 MR, +15 MS — 15 Magic Pent.


Embrace the video game side of this…video game, and enable more modes, in a separate application, for PvE, mini games, and many more custom modes. Hire separate departments, restore game files, and use unreleased ideas for this creative application

  • Feeding Simulator: Feed jungle champions on a farm and grow them throughout an entire real-life year. Customize, breed, grow and let your pets explore the wide world of each Runeterra biome of your choosing. After an entire real-world year is up, you can trade max leveled animals for Blue Motes or Poro Cookies for free in LoL.
  • Edit League Attributes: Custom Map Maker, Skin Editor, Item Maker
  • OC Rift Battle: Create your own champion, use abilities from other champions based on your role(s), and battle in a separate rift with other customized champions (CPU or other players)
  • CPU Modes: Levels from Easy — Legendary; The higher the mode gives CPU highly advance AI that are more likely to achieve objectives, increase combo attack in abilities, sudden attacks and smart use of passive abilities and getting the right items.
  • Dating Sim: Choose your sexuality to date certain champions in lore driven yet funny and romantic dating sim. To make good or bad decisions with communication, you will receive choice dialogue from Evelynn (the devil), or trusting your own social skills.
  • All old game modes from previous LoL events to be now active 24/7 in this new application: League of Legends Had Fun Modes But They’re Gone Forever…


If users don’t want to do ranked, they can simply play PvP and earn badges as they play. Badges will be different, but will have the same status and significance as ranked mode. Since more “inexperienced” players are active in this mode, only the players reported in that match with be penalized (AFK, trolling, etc.), and not the entire team. There will be a separate voting system in-game to detect and activate this choice.


If you’re addicted to League of Legends, and/or inspired by the favorite content in the game, here are some things you can take away from the game alone (ideas depending on your hobby or interest):

  • Play with friends or assisting teammates to grind faster, understand each other’s play styles, and bounce off ideas to spice up your game play (champion selections + synergy, combos, etc.).
  • Record yourself playing with ideas from the comment sections, exploding new picks, bugs, and other creative ideas to make money with gameplay.
  • Use the concepts of items, spells, & effect damage and put them in your own video game, RPG / DND games. Number those items, roll the dice to land on it, and edit stats to fit your game model.
  • Take inspiration for champion stories and designs to implinate to your video game, artwork, animation, book writing, poetry, and music.
  • If you’re a writer, create fanfiction or other stories set in the League of Legends universe.
  • If you’re an artist, draw fanart of your favorite characters or scenes.
  • If you’re a musician, create music inspired by the game’s soundtrack.
  • Look into cosplay (dressing up as your favorite character from the game).
  • Play games of ARAM with quicker and more energetic matches, no assigned positions, lack of vision, serious ganking or skill gap.
  • Write a game similar to LoL with your own twist: either with a coded script action, video game, board game, RPG, RPG + story elements, DND.
  • Pretend whatever particular champion you’re playing is your own character (either by similar powers or just pure imagination). Add stakes and rivalries before and after matches to enhance your solo queue experience!




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