Missing Children Awareness (2020–2021)

Missing children in the US, under the age of 18, have either vanished either from kidnapping, sexual trafficking, or running away from home either due to domestic problems.

In 2020, children who run away make up a majority of the missing children, according to Our Impact. These children are highly vulnerable and face many risks including homelessness, gang involvement and child sex trafficking. Many children who run away are leaving from the care of social services. This year, in total, around 30,000+ cases have been missing.

With improvements of social media awareness, increase in public safety, AMBER alerts, technology & studies in special forces, the success of finding missing children has increased, at least compared to older, original statistics that say 460,000–840,000 children have gone missing versus the results in 2020.

Globally, in all countries based upon their total population, around 1 million children go missing due to a susbancial amount of known yet unknown details. This is not a statistic, these are real people.

There are lots of smaller assets we don’t think about that can contribute to the difficulty of identifying missing children: If alive, struggles are bound by location, environment, and popularity of the individual. A huge crunch in time & effort for searching by police, families, & communities has to be nearly flawless and unresting in less than 48 hours. If deceased, struggles are bound by identification, erosion of the body, body heights (physically & overtime) & statistical studies to identify individuals for missing person’s professionals.

We are slowly scratching the surface of diminishing this problem for our society, however, a stronger, additional force to this situation could push change further x2.

The public people, the police, official government websites & organization, NCMEC, NCIC, & the FBI have all contributed to amazing searches & causes to decrease these scenarios everyday. Without these contributors, who knows how much more dire our current situation would be?

Summaries of thousands upon thousands of cases are reported & yet going cold due to the sporatical events around our known environment & officials being swarmed by their daily duties, current & future cases, and their own personal lives. There seems to be this huge cram that has to be pushed in order for people with their own problems to personally get their own progressing solution, or at least, a feeling that someone is listening & taking action.

Some further solutions?

A template solution based upon paranoia, systematic or personal blame, stereotypes about our surroundings, people, & behavior will simply won’t do. The best progress, especially that won’t backtrack upon itself, is made by those who are willing and committed to its job. Awareness is great if shared by everyone, yet being hands-on in the problem is not meant for everyone; not everyone in the public nor everyone in any public force.

We need a seperate, special emergency force as local as the police, agile in technology & communication just like the public people, always on studies & investigation of cases, & quick to respond in their local areas to call & report when trouble suddenly arises. On top of all this, of course, the forces that already exist can apply effort helping in any way of needed assistance.

Consensual & recommended apps to ensure children’s safety where parents, and people in this force only, can view the child’s location on their phone or any other mobile device. More apps that tell instant local news, like Civilian, that sharpens awareness in events around our environment.

The most important thing is to teach kids in middle schools about child aductions & kidnappings in the same sit-down manner as sex education, with both professionals & real-life victims telling their stories verbally online or in-person.




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Excelli is a marketing strategy and a public project to promote small businesses.

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