2 min readFeb 24, 2023

Michelle & Niche both appear to you, both of their voices sound grainy, vintage and a little bit static-like, like older dialogue from an early 2000’s PC game or console: “Hello best friend!”

Michelle: “Hi!, were Michelle & Niche, the first ever siblings to become musicians in WT World. Nice to meet you. You have a weird staring problem, (whispers) I died a long time ago

Niche: “And I’m Niche, I love cartoons. What is that thing?

Michelle: “You have a weird staring problem, you okay?

(she whispers) I died a long time ago…”

Niche: “What is that thing?-”

You are teleported to an arctic tundra. The desolate cold sends shivers to your ice chipped shoulders. Roaming around the cold landscape, you encounter a cave, centered at the end with a lantern.

You hear a loud, rumbling roar that shakes the entire world behind you.

Niche: “What is that thing!?”

You look up from the ground to see a metal object about a foot in height standing in front of you, with a weird smile and antenna sticking up. You hear your name being called from afar.

Michelle: “I just found you! You didn’t even see me, how are you in this place?”

Niche: “Michelle, and you, what’s going on?”

Michelle: “We need to get to our new friend before the weather turns even more… horrible. We can’t be stuck here forever.”

You look back at the metal thing in front of you and see a thick, eerily foggy smoke pouring out of it. You look back up to see your “mother” surrounded by tendrils of purple smoke, growling. She screams again, flicking her head.


The Omnicorp website is nothing but images of an abandoned hospital. Omnicorp is responsible for the Backroom. They make potholes in reality, to take you to their “mother” (creator), #4.

A hidden album called “The Dark Album” contains slowed, corrupted, weird, obscure, scary, deep samples. Michelle & Niche sample cartoons, commercials, BOC type music, and AI drums in their songs. That album will be searched and released soon.

Now, M&N release a collection of ambient and hip-hop instrumental originals this year, “2022 SCAMS”.




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