Who Is Camito Hatsune?

Written By: Rosie, Fairyall, Diana & Redd

Have you ever lived inside your head before, creating an entire world to yourself to get by the real one? Have you ever decided you wanted to be more than just one person or personality, to do more than just one thing in your lifetime as a career? Have you ever achieved so much personally, but the world never saw it?

This was the life of Cameron Hadley, this was the world of CamNation, and this was the name of Camito Hatsune.

Today, we will be given the most transparent background of the realistic, the fictional, the damned, and the courageous life of Camito.

Cameron Hadley was born on April 16th, 2001 in Thomasville, GA. He was raised by his mother, Tameka Smith along with his two brothers, Tyler Smith & Braxton Williams.

Additional family members in his life are Jacob Williams & spiritual brother Jakwaune (Jake) Williams.

A brief history of Camito’s childhood was that he branched off to himself after constant attempts of being social. He would make handful of friends at Thomas County Central High School through Esports, field trips, and social events.

After graduating high school, he decided to carve college to pursue his own independent online business under the career skills of music production, graphic design, phone photography, & creative writing for distribution in sales and recognition.

Under his business, mostly visible and obtained on his website, Camito has a mass collection of digital content ranging from archived items, handmade online products, to laws and knowledge for individuals and the world.

All of these products are organized in business-like folders connected to his Google Drive. All public content through the folders can be viewed for public amusement.

There are two big things that make up Camito Hatsune’s recognition in his career: his personas in the characters he uses and his music.

In 2012, Camito & Jake had active role-play acting sessions, pretending and taking personality as their favorite characters from movies, anime, and TV shows. They called it “The Paul Bunyan Movie”.

This small quip will lead to an extraordinary growth of creativity for Camito to create his own characters for stories, business purposes, and much more still to this day. He first created his own wrestlers in WWE games, then took role-playing online on the now deceased social media website, Google Plus.

Camito gathers artwork from web sources like Pinterest & Rinmaru Avatar Creator to create personas for the characters he needs.

Camito’s musical career started out in 2016 playing around with a website called “Buttonbass”, a website where you press buttons on a cube to make looped sounds.

Camito would be inspired to make some of his first original tracks on Audiotool, being into artists like Skrillex, deadmau5, & S3RL for his craft.

In 2017, before any thoughts of being a businessman, Camito decided he wanted to do music production for a living. He uploaded his music to YouTube & Wix, but was still struggling to grow an audience.

Eventually, Camito quilted growing as a full-time Youtuber to pursue his musical career, which means the end of Roblox videos & CamNation TV.

Camito would release music at a rapid rate in 2018 & 2019, with some incredible albums such as Alone With You, Don’t End Your Life, World Is Yours, Lewd Trance, Miku Hacks You, The Weeb Orchestra, XJ9 Hacks You, Thantophobia & more!

In 2020, Camito would take a break from music for distributing his music; to gain an audience, get recognition, and make a profit.

Self-discovery has always been the biggest importance of Camito’s life. His mindset is widely filled with young wisdom, a daydream express, and an imagination that is infinite as the universe.

Not only is he free mentally, he also has a flexible personality, which makes him less opinionated to culture and people and more personas to give to himself as well.

But these things came in time with spending a lot of moments to himself. Camito always wanted to steadily improve himself without bashing his character.

Jacob Williams taught him life skills as his step-father, although his teachings were raw and new to Camito. Major anxiety and self-guilt unraveled as Camito slowly discovered he was behind everyone else in basic skills. The anxiety and stress soon build to something unhealthy.

Camito would grow more anti-social and more numb to the world in his care for not being well-equipped to life as others. He would depart more from his brothers and having morbid dark thoughts, which lead to the creation of one his main antagonist as a character, “Dark Camito”.

Camito wrote a suicide note in June of 2018. He was going to do it in the forest area of his backyard. Luckily, the thoughts would weary, and he threw his suicide note away.

The note tells how Camito failed as an older brother, how it feels it’s his fault for not obtaining income for his financially struggling family.

Camito would reestablish his devotedness to Christianity, which helped tremendously in pushing forward to what is the amazing legacy he has acquainted with today.

This is why self-discovery in yourself and your divine purpose in life is so crucial, you may never know what you’re giving up.

It is designed in his fictional biography and his Earthly purpose to be a hero to individual people and the world itself. Camito wants to be a great leader and provide the correct facts onto leading a better world.

There are many more reasons how and why Camito does thing alongside his business, but the main vision is to create a better society, starting with each individual.

The world is not a perfect place, and it does not have to be, just decent and comfortable enough to live in. This is what The Blue Parade is all about; to rep what is right for the world and be a revolution to those without a voice or power.

All generations need a new hero and new laws to accommodate by. To avoid corruption and mindless manipulation from a higher power, someone must step up and show the light to a path on where to begin. Camito wants to be that light for others to kick start the movement from individual restoration to a worldwide regeneration.

He may not get the chance to blow up, to be extremely popular or wealthy as many others, and get the chance onto being the revolution he planned on. Therefore, he left his resources and content behind for you to take the torch and lead the way.

In conclusion, to who Camito Hatsune is, he’s just an online entrepreneur trying to provide for himself to provide for you and millions of others.

A simple guy, living a substantial life, to be more than just an existing speck in the universe. He wants to have an impact, a positive and dynamic footprint for the world to lead to a better life and to give light spiritually to those who are broken and caved into darkness.

This is Cameron Hadley, this is Camito Hatsune.




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Excelli is a marketing strategy and a public project to promote small businesses.

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